Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tip - kitchen exercise

Ok, I know Anita talks on the phone and rebounds at the same time (go Anita!) but today, I saw some other things that we can do - that may not be as cardio as rebounding but can still help us to tone muscles.

1 - While you are talking on your cell phone (in the kitchen...or in any other room) raise your other arm and do back reaches to tone the muscles in the upper arm. Then switch the phone to the other arm, and do repeats. You will eventually talk less on the phone OR get some really spiffy looking firm arms.

2 - If you are waiting for something to blend in the blender, or pasta to cook, do push offs from the counter top. In other words, whenever you have some waiting time in the kitchen, use it to do toning exercises.

One of the results of doing exercises in the kitchen, is that it will help you focus on wise food choices as you work toward the goal of being fit.

Crunching in the kitchen : )

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