Monday, November 2, 2009

Q and A Another Challenge, Points and Video

Q and A for the day:

I was asked about doing a challenge in the Spring.

Well, Ladies, I am open for a SPRING Fitness Fling!! :) Fling that weight away and stay Fit! The blog will stay open for all of us all the time, though. Until then, I will think about the spring idea and pray about it. I may get another brain storm in the shower from God. jejeje. .no visions, just brain storms. jeje

I was asked about how do we count the Videos.

The Videos count as one tip plus one point for the Video. Only allowed to count 1 video per week.

A week for us is Wed - Wed. because we started on Wed. If that´s ok. Just easier to keep track of from the start. We will end on a Wed. too.

Can you add points if you don´t post?

Yes, please keep track of all your exercise points on your ticker.

YOu don´t have to Crunch in every day. That will get tedious, but you can if you want to. At least once a week please just let us know of your activity.

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