Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sarah D Crunch In

Hey Ladies,
Those of you who have 20+ points already on exercise...Kudos to you! That's incredible. I think I'm really doing something by exercising for 40 minutes a day, but you ladies are DEDICATED!!
Yesterday I shredded with Jillian for 20, and even though I was so sore that I grunted every time I sat or walked down the stairs, I still managed to fit in a brisk 20 minutes walk.
I'm finding a good routine for myself by getting school mostly done with the boys, taking a small break, and then launching into my workout time. It seems to be working right now, and I'm proud of myself for keeping it up even though I'm not seeing in weight progress yet.
At the end of this week, I will post my weight and measurements, and hopefully, there will be some progress by then. :o)
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