Monday, November 23, 2009

A Snow Crunchin' Day

Ok, I had a really crunchy day today. This morning was only 2 F, but we had snow to clear. Dh and I worked for 40 minutes clearing snow. I throw the snow up on our flower bed to get it off the drive. Our kids are getting really excited for me to clear the snow. Not for my crunchin' points, but for the fact that every day they come closer to being able to build their snow fort! Here is a picture of them sitting on the snow I have gotten up there so far for them.

I also thought I would include a picture of the weathervane we put up the other day.

After I got back inside from the snow shoveling, I was amazed that my 2 older kids were doing an exercise video - on their own. They were doing so well. So later I did my Full Circuit DVD for 50 minutes. The last time I did this DVD, I had just gotten my 5 lb. weights, which I used when she called for heavy weights. Today, I decided to use just the 5 lb. for the entire routine. I did my best, but some of it was really hard! Good thing I wasn't videoing myself this morning, I felt like a weakling when I got done. I have a lot to work on. When the DVD was over, I did an additional 10 minutes on my elliptical.

I was really excited today when I put on my capris. Instead of being snug, they fit just fine now, and I didn't even have to tug to get them over my hips. Yeah! Part of me is vanishing!

Thanks again to Dani Joy for hosting this challenge. I feel like I'm starting to get back to my "old" self again.

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