Monday, November 30, 2009

Stress oh Stress...

We are a week away from our closing date on our new house. It's SO exciting yet SO stressful! Leaving with my in laws for the last 5 months is only adding to the stress. But I am truly grateful that they took us in!

Today was just one of those "Mondays". I started out with a 20 minute walk/run before taking my son to Preschool. Between 9:00 and 11:00 my day gradually got more and more stressful with some of the house stuff. After putting my kids down for their naps, I decided I need a really good workout.

Let me explain how I cherish my workouts. Working out produced good endorphins in your body which in turn helps reduce stress and anxiety. This is what I've been missing out on these last 4 weeks while I've been on recovery from my surgery. Granted the walking and jogging has helped, but I think my body just need a good workout. So, that's what I did for about 40 minutes.

Then again after dinner I did another 20 minute run/walk.

So there you have it... I had a stressful day, which means I tried to burn off a lot of that stress by working out 3 times today!

Sarah F.
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