Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday 10

I got up today thinking I couldn´t really do any exercise today. But then I started reading what some of your were writing. I know I am not loosing weight, but my clothes feels less tight so something must be happening. I don´t even think my measurements will be different tomorrow but we´ll see. So, I didn get 20 min. of walking and 20 min. of exercise at the park.

As I said before I am a big eater but I´ve been trying to eat smaller portions.
Tonight I made an omellete with ham (lomo) for dinner and I couldn´t even finish it, so I decided I wasn´t going to eat it all the way. That´s why I used to do when my kids were little and I still didn´t sometimes before I stared this program. I didn´t like to see any food left over on their plates and I would eat it all up. But I am done with that habbit.

As soon as I can post the pictures of tonight´s meal, I´ll show you a good dinner full of protein. I´m having problems downloading it from the card, so I´ll wait for dh to get home from work, he can always find a way to resolve computer problems.

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