Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tuesday = rest day :o(

Well ladies,

I took the executive decision this morning that I won't excerise today or go into the office. Not only do I think I'm infectious (Mr H decided to sleep on the sofa last night) but my shower was very painful :o(((((((((((((

I think I mentioned before that my fybro sets my whole nervous system on red alert and warm showers can feel like hot nails piercing my skin, it wasn't that bad this morning but enough to say it wasn't plesant. So I'll take my Pain Doc's advise and rest for a day or two.

Neija, the joy of a laptop means I can do home office when necessary, though I must admit I wasn't very productive. Also knowing there's laundry to be done and that my in-laws are arriving Friday distracts me further.

I pray you'll all keep well and not succumb to any sickness bugs like me. AND as it's Thanksgiving for all you Ammies (or ex-colonials as I like to call you LOL) this week I'll wish you a wonderful time today as you may be too buzy to even check in and read posts over the next few days.

Here's my Thanksgiving tip for you all :o)))


Kathy <><

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