Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wednesday Double Crunch In

The picture above is me right before we started the challenge. The one below is me today. I can't really see much of a difference in the pictures, but I can tell it in my clothes!

First of all, I will report on my exercise for today. I had planned to do my Full Circuit DVD with my new 5 lb. weights, but this morning when we woke up we had had a huge snowfall. (Huge for here, that is.) We went outside to survey the situation and discovered that we had received over 8 inches of snow last night! We started working, and my main job is to shovel the snow front the driveway and throw it up on the flower bed area. My husband has a bad back, so that is hard for him to do. My heart rate got up, and I am sure most of those shovels held more than 5 lb of snow. I even checked my heart rate a few times, and it was always over 120, so I was working on burning some fat. I worked and worked, and at times, I thought I would never finish. After we got the driveway done, I also shoveled the sidewalk and our back patio. In all, I worked for 1 hour and 20 minutes. I was tired when we finished, and decided that I wasn't going to have the strength to do my exercise DVD as well.

I stepped on the scale this morning, and this is what I saw. I have been seeing this number for
the past 4 days now, so I feel confident that I can count it. That is a loss of 1 kilo since last week. Here are my latest measurements:

11/19 11/26
Bust 35.5 34
Chest 29.5 29.5
Waist 28 28
Hips 39.5 39.5
R thigh 22.5 22
L thigh 23 22.5
R arm 11 11
L arm 11.5 11
Weight 55.5 54.5
Weight is in kilos and measurments are inches. A loss of 1 kilo and 3 inches. I really thought I hadn't changed in my measurements. I was pretty shocked with the change in my bust. I really hadn't wanted that measurement to change (at least not so drastically). I think soon I will be joining Dani Joy's "no chest" club. So, I dedicate this loss to Ketty and Beth, who say they want to lose in their chest.

I hope all of you will have a wonderful Thanksgiving. My house is going to be full of people. I'm sure if I get to exercise, it will need to be in the morning, before any guests arrive. I won't be motivated to do it in the evening, I'm afraid.

Keep on Crunchin'

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