Wednesday, November 25, 2009

WK4 Ketty

As they say, no pain no gain. And Miss Dani, how long do you think my body is going to keep hurting ? LOL. Yes, more of my muscles hurt today, and I´m still on day 3 of Jillian´s dvd. I didn´t know I had these many muscles, specially in my "behind".
I also did get my 30 min walk today.

Anyway, I haven´t seen much change this week, so here we go:

Bust 40.5 in. same
Chest 34 in 33.5 in.
Waist 35.4 in. 35 in.
Hips 39.5 in. same
R thigh 21.5 in 20.5 in.
L thigh 21.5 in. 20.5 in
R arm 12 in. 11.2 in
L arm 11 in. same

Weight 149.5 same

Have a great day
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