Wednesday, November 25, 2009

WK 4 Double Crunch - Kathy

No exercise again today but I did measure…. Wow I lost another kilo and 13 (yes 13) cms. I even re-measured just to double check I was so shocked.

Here are the stats:

Previous Actual

Bust 116 114

Chest 97 94

Waist 101 100

Hips 120 117

R Thigh 72 70

L Thigh 72 71

R Arm 41 40

L Arm 40 40

Weight 97.65 96.85

I know the last is not a full kilo but I’ve only been counting complete kgs and have some to carry over from last week. Total loss since the start of the crunch 3.35Kg :o)

Thanks for the double points Dani, it means today I broke through the 100

I have noticed with some clothes that I’m losing cm’s. I have to tighted my belt one hole tighter now and some trousers I bought in the States in Sept were annoyingly loose on Saturday. Annoying in the sense that I didn’t put a belt on and had to keep hitching them up (saggy bum hipsters AREN’T and should never become a fashion trend!). I’m not throwing them out yet though. I want to get a photo wearing them at the end of the crunch to show the difference.

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