Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dani´s Double Crunch IN WK 4 Special

It´s measurment day and

 I am bloated from salty Spanish Chorizo!


At any rate, I measured.

The only thing that changed was my thighs, which I am so happy about! This is the trouble zone that needs the most work.

                              wk2     wk4
Right Thigh: 22" - 22"  -   22"

Left Thigh: 22.5"- 22.5" - 22"  

So now my left thigh is right down there with my right thigh. Yay, I am no longer lopsided. LOL

My chest was down a .5 inch too but I marked it wrong last measurements on here so I won´t be taking points for that.

Here is my most recent picture, and my new out!

My bust has lost all it´s going to lose. I hope! Now maybe I can work on  increasing muscle mass there. tee hee.

I pray, you all keep with it. It´s really rewarding. Give it the full 2 months, ladies! If there isn´t a lot of change right away that you are hoping for don´t quit, just work harder.

Happy Thanksgiving you all!

And for those of you that have more than one dinner to go to, my tip would be only take one day off. Don´t try to just eat light of everything. You will end up with extra weight. Have a plan. 

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See you Friday!!! 

Big Crunchin´Hugs

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