Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wk4 - Wed. Measurements - Joy

I was so excited about doubling our points today, but my body is NOT cooperating. After the increase in the exercises (with Jillian) I´ve only lost 1 cm. in the chest area.
No weight loss either - back to where I was last Wed. so no points, but I´m not quitting. This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for Dani´s idea (and all the work involved) to do the Crunch and in a special way to God for helping me to stick to it and for the WONDERFUL result of feeling so much better! I´m also thanking all you Crunching partners who are so supportive. May your Thanksgiving be special.

Measurements and weight a week ago - today:
Weight 71.3 - same
Bust 105 cms. - 104 cms.
Waist 87 cms. - same
Hips 108 cms. - same
Arms 30 cms. - same
Left leg - 63 cms. - same
Right leg - 60 cms. same

total loss for the week: 1 cm.

total gain for the week: confidence, better fitting clothes, good health, weight and size- NONE :)
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