Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Alice's Final crunch in

The photos are of me stirring the hot chocolate for the school Christmas party and me at church this past Sunday wearing a suit I have not been able to fit into for a few years, because of the straight skirt.


Bust 94 cm no change
Chest 85 cm - 3 cm
Waist 88cm -6 cm
Hips 103.5 cm -2 cm
Rt Thigh 60 cm -2 cm
Left thigh 60cm -2 cm
Rt arm 30 cm -1 cm
Left arm 30 cm -1 cm

Weight as of Wednesday, Dec.23 142.4 lbs. Total loss 10.6 lbs

Testimony: My husband keeps saying that he's been trying to encourage me to join him in his weight loss and fitness program since he has lost over 35 lbs since May. But it took one email from a woman for me to get off my duff and do something. I am thankful that Karen Wilkins got me motivated to start this whole thing, and that Dani Joy, Joy L. and other new "blogging friends" kept me motivated to stick with it. I am very pleased to have lost some inches around my waist and, although there is still a bit of a "gut" to work on, I know that it is possible to lose weight without feeling completely deprived of all that I love. I have enjoyed getting more active and the walks around my neighborhood ... even my workouts with the videos I have when the weather is bad. I hope I can stick with it when the "competition" is off. Thank you so much for the encouraging comments you all left on my posts.

Ideas: I really loved how the crunch progressed, giving us some double points and bonusses right at the times when we needed a boost (in the middle and at the end). Although it was more work, the food points were great for me to see a jump in the points and to be pushed to actively seek those good choices to eat everyday.

Total minutes exercised ......2,200 minutes ----- That is aprox 38 hours!
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