Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Crunch Finale

1. Picture

2. Measurements

Height: 161 cm (5'3'')
Weight: 56.4 Kilos (-3 kilos)
Bust: 94 cm (-1 cm)
Chest: 78 cm (-1 cm)
Waist: 68 cm (-6 cm)
Hips: 94 cm (-4 cm)

Right thigh: 51.5 cm (-4.5 cm)
Left thigh: 51 cm (-4 cm)

Right arm: 26 cm (-3 cm)
Left arm: 25.5 cm (-2.5 cm)

Total loss: 26 cm!!!

3. Weight (now)
56.4 (124.3 lbs)
Loss: @3 kilos (@6 lbs)

4. Testimony -

I have had a good experience doing this crunch. I had never participated in a blog and was not sure about the time it would require. I may not have spent as much time posting and participating as I should have, but I wanted to be sure I had some time to exercise. The exercise was my reason for taking this challenge. I have to say I am thrilled about the results of Jillian's workout (or rather MY workout with HER videos). I have lost 26 centimeters (10 inches) in very strategic places. I had set a goal of 57 in my mind but thought that was rather poor for a 8 week project, so I said I wanted to loose 4 kilos (I came back from the US at 60 kilos. Well, I am at 56.4, but thrilled of the progress. I have found I can work out at home and get good results. I hope I don't forget and stop my routine.
I have enjoyed reading about you all and being able to encourage some as I got encouraged. I have appreciated the links and the tips many of you posted. Thank you.
Have a nice Christmas time with your loved ones and exercise moderation at the table. I'll try to do the same. My problem is before the table. I have the bad habit of eating while I fix the food. That HAS to be one of my New Year's resolutions! Here is my accountability!

Merry Christmas and a Fit 2010

Ideas- I didn't do great giving myself points. I came to the conclusion that I either kept up with the "paper work" or I exercised, so I chose the workout. I would like a once a week post to report on how we are doing keeping with our resolutions and goals.

6. Minutes exercised - Hmmmm! Roughly . . . taking 50 points off from posts, and multiplying by 20 minutes per point would tell me I exercised 40 hours in the past 8 weeks, which means 5 hours a week--That's how much my kids practice the piano! This is a rough estimate, though.
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