Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bitter Sweet! Dani´s Crunch In 27

One more day!

Oh, I am starting to feel sad.. like I am going to miss you all! Please, keep writing and letting me know how you are doing. Even e mail me sometimes. Don´t I sound desperate???? Sound familiar Nina? (tee hee, we think alike. I wrote that without thinking of her and then when I re read it, it sounded just like her post she did today on her blog)

Well, I didn´t make the 300 point mark but it looks like Ketty and Tami are hitting the 400 point mark. Alice will hit the 300 point mark and Joy the 200 point mark!  That´s so amazing!

You all have been doing an amazing job, and I have some surprises up my sleeve for tomorrow just for you all!

I am so sorry for Joy´s fall. I hope you aren´t in too much pain, and can at least keep up with the walking soon. I know when I take a stumble I have to go to the Physical Theripist soon after for an adjustment. We will be praying for you, Joy.

I ate really well, today except for one little treat I had with my hubby. I am so emotional today. It´s taking it´s toll. Hope I can finish out the day well.

I did 40 min. work out. (10 min. walking, 30 min. bootcamp video.)

Gotta get back to doing Jillian´s strength training soon.

My favorite tips from the tips I have posted on the side bar are these.

Keep up your normal exercise routine. You'll be able to relieve holiday stress, burn excess calories, and avoid weight gain.

"Eat something, but watch your portions. Taste a little sliver of cake or sip of eggnog, and that way you've had some and you can get on with your day."

I love you all so much for all your encouraging, for being my sisters, and for keeping with it.

Dani Joy
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