Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Forced Finish to My Crunch : (

Well, ladies, I´m sad to share that today, while shopping at a recently renovated supermarket, I tripped on a tile that was not level and landed on knees and hands. My right hand now is inmobilized with a nasty sprain, and my knees are in pain as well. So, I won´t be exercising anything (but PATIENCE) during the next 6 days.
I´m kind of upset because I wanted to finish strong, but the Lord knows, so I´ll just thank Him that there were no broken bones. I´ll post my measurements and final post tomorrow a.m. (my dh will have to help measure) and like others have already said, it has been a real blessing to receive your encouragment, and I do so appreciate Dani´s invite to join, because the whole process has brought such good results in several areas of my life.
Till tomorrow,
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