Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dani Joy´s Christmas Crunch Finale & Video

 Christmas Crunch Challenge Finale

Here we are at the end of an 8 week journey! I feel like we have trekked a mountain together and are arriving at the top to see the great view! wooo hoooo!!!

 I wanted to talk to you all personally, so you get a video performance, too. My first broadcasting attempt.  I will post it at the end as it´s already at the top of the blog.

I am still losing inches! It´s unbelievable!
I went from
29.5 in to 29 inches in my waist (since wk 6)
22 in to 21.5 inches in both my thighs as well!!
I have lost a total of 5 inches during these 8 weeks! (really since August that would be 10-11 inches, so ladies keep with this thing! just another plug)

I have lost a total of 4 pounds as well since the beginning and reached my goal weight of 128 lbs! I do fluctuate give or take a lb.  on either side.

I exercised 2,300 minutes. That is 38 hours of exercise in 8 weeks! ( I am not including today´s minutes.)

Personally, my favorite part of the Crunch and this blog were  points, the chat box, and the posting.  I loved the interaction. It was such a blessing for me. Thank- you!

I hope to redecorate, come up with a new theme, and new point system by the next challenge. I could use some help moderating posts, with highlights and tips.

Has it really come to an end???

Well, not for me! I will be exercising all Christmas and through the holidays, so I can eat some fun things too. ;) Have a great holiday, Ladies!

Merry Christmas my dear Crunching friends!

Love Dani Joy

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