Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Grand Finale

Well, it is hard to believe we are at the very last day of our challenge. It certainly has been a challenge for me. I have been stretched in ways I didn't imagine possible (do you like the pun there?).

Here are my beginning and ending measurements: (drum roll and trumpets please....)

10/28 12/23

Bust 36.5 33.5 Loss 3 in.
Chest 31 28.5 Loss 2.5 in.
Waist 31 26.5 Loss 4.5 in.
Hips 41 38 Loss 3 in.
R thigh 23 21 Loss 2 in.

L thigh 24 21.5 Loss 2.5 in.
R arm 11.5 10.5 Loss 1 in.
L arm 12 10.5 Loss 1.5 in.

Total Loss: 20 in. or 50 cm.

Weight: 57.5 (126.5 lb.) 53.5 (117.7 lb.) Loss 4 kg.

Total Loss: 4 kg or 8.8 lb.

I am really glad I took part in this challenge. I have never done a fitness or weight loss challenge before. It was easier to keep at exercising knowing that others would see if I did it or not. It was fun keeping track week by week of my measurements and weight loss. It has been good for my family too to work together at exercising. We used to do it consistenly, but had gotten out of the habit.

Now that we are at the end of the challenge I can see that I have really increased my stamina, coordination, energy level, lowered my resting heart rate, and now use oxygen more efficiently. I believe I have also been building muscle. One unexpected positive change that I have noticed is that I don't feel as cold all the time as I used to. I believe since I am building muscle my resting metabolism is increased, making me feel warmer. For a person that tends to be cold, living in Siberia, this is a really good thing.

Ideas: I liked posting my exercise, but maybe on another challenge, posting could be not quite as often. We all share a computer, and my husband was really patient about letting my post every evening, but he usually uses the computer in the evening. I enjoyed having tickers and counting points. I was also glad that food choices were not the primary focus of this challenge. I mentioned before that we cannot get sugar substitutes, whole wheat flour, and a number of other things here, and I appreciated not having to lose points for things that I have to eat, because other choices are simply not available here. Having said that, I do try as much as I can to eat healthy with the food choices and resources that we have available here.

Time exercised: 3510 minutes or 58.5 hours. That averages out to 7.31 hours per week, or a little over an hour a day. I exercised in a variety of ways, including: aerobics, weight training, toning exercises, walking, shoveling snow, yard cleanup, ice skating, and using my elliptical.

Thank you to Dani Joy for hosting this challenge, and to the other participants who have challenged and encouraged me at the start of my lifetime fitness journey.

I have to say that I am very pleased with my loss during this challenge. I still have 5 more pounds that I would like to lose, but as I gain muscle, I am not sure how all of that will equal out. I definitely have areas (lower abs, thighs, and hips especially) that can still use more toning. I intend to continue exercising on a regular basis. I am investing in my future by living a healthy lifestyle now. Let us pray that God will help us continue to be healthy and fit for His glory!

Please keep in touch! I am on facebook if anyone wants to keep in touch with me.

Tami Trumbull Jackson

Several have asked me about my exercise videos. I have 2 DVD's that have been my constant companions these past 8 weeks. There are 3 routines on one DVD, and one on the other. They all are from BJU Press. I wrote a Tips post on them close to the beginning of the challenge for those that want to know more. Here are the links to be able to purchase them.

There is also a children's exercise routine. My kids and I used to do this one all the time, until we got the other ones.

I do wish all of you and your families a very Merry Christmas. Thanks for becoming a part of my life to encourage me to do better.


Steve, Tami, Ashley, Andrew and Melissa Jackson

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