Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dani´s Food Choices - Crunch In 22

Just really quickly, I wanted to share with you all my food choices for the day.

+ 2 pts  Breakfast - 2 wasa crackers with light cream cheese and sf strawberry jelly
                                1/2 grapefruit

+1 pt  Lunch - Cooked veggies over veggie pasta ( I am not counting points for the meat because it was rather greasy)

+1 Banana
+ 1 another small portion of cooked veggies and pasta
-1 a potato cheesy patty hashbown type thing the boys couldn´t eat.
+1 tea and a piece of cheese

total 7 points

plus 3 points for my 25 min jog, 5 min of  walking cool down 2 min hike up 4 flights of stairs, 10 min walking , 20 min ab workout, core, and stretching.

Hope you all are very encouraged. If you aren´t sure a food is healthy or not just don´t count the points. that´s what I am doing for white pasta, and potatoes. (not subtracting for these) only subtract for really bad stuff.... like deserts, white bread, ect.

Well, I am off to bed.. trying to get more sleep.. we lose weight in our sleep too! We need at least 8 hours. I keep coming up short on that too. Maybe I should subtract a point. LOL

Dani Joy
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