Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dani´s Wk 6 Measurements and B-ball with the Boys

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I have been working out an hour a day these last couple of days. Because of the holiday, I had more time. I jogged and played basketball with the boys Monday, and yesterday did that Bootcamp video with Jillians´Trouble zones core, lower body work out, and stretches. I felt soooo great! Let me tell you, that Bootcamp video is fun! check it out here.

Are you all excited to count your food choices! I am! If you aren´t understanding how it´s working, or if you don´t think it will work, please let me know by commenting here.

I will be posting a Tip about Coffee soon. Is it good for you?...

well, for our challenge, you may still drink your coffee, just no sugar and go light on the cream. ;) otherwise you have to subtract a point.

No points for drinks but if you drink a soda or beverage that is loaded (ie.. coke, pepsi, koolaid, ect) please subtract a point. These are bad news, ladies!
And of course any alcoholic beverages are big no no´s for any fitness journey! Even Jillian says so. (giggle)

My food for today:
2 pieces of whole wheat sugar free toast with a little butter and honey- 1pt
(butter is better than Margerine for many reasons) Coffee no points.
1 apple - 1pt
4 chicken meatballs- 1pt (made with no salt  and whole wheat bread crumbs.)
brownn rice- 1pt
broccoli - 1pt   (small portions of meat, 1 cup portions of rice, and veggies.)

Plan to have
healthy fruit snack later and probably a salad for supper. another -2 pts. ( I won´t post the points on the ticker till the end of the day. I am keeping track on a little sticky pad) oooo Getting hungery!! jeje

WEll, here are the measurements this week. I am a little confused as to why my right arm is smaller now than  my left. I measured like 3 times. So strange.
Just so happy my hips are still getting smaller. (including the backside) Wooo Hoooo!!

                        wk 2                            wk6

10-28-09      -  11-11-09                     12-09-09

Weight: 131  -  129                                 129
Heigth: 5´ 3"              
Bust: 32.5"   -   32"  ohh nooo!!!      Bust- same PTL :)
Chest: 29"    -   29"                            Chest - same
Waist: 30"    -   29.5"                        Waist - same
Hips: 38"      -   37.5"                        Hips - 37  wooo hooo
Right Thigh: 22" -   22"                       Thighs - same
Left Thigh: 22.5"-  22.5"  -22" wk4
Right Arm: 10 1/2"                             Right arm - 10"  
Left Arm: 10 1/2"

Have a great Crunchin´Week 7, ladies. And don´t forget to put a Nix on the FIX! Points, Points, Points!!

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