Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Nix the fix...checking on the points

Here´s what I´ve eaten today - and my points. I´ll just list the food that I´ve counted as good choices. Let me know, Dani, if it is ok.

Breakfast - 1 glass fresh squeezed o.j. / 1 apple (2 points)
Lunch - Salad / wasa cracker 1 - instead of bread (2 points)
Snack - 1 tiny square sugar free chocolate - (1 point)
Supper - half of a papaya (1 point)
Total points - 6...MINUS 1 point for a chocolate I ate at church - bite size but definetly calorie laden and very rich :( which gives me a total of 5 points. Sure excited about getting to add points for good food choices, so look out Tami and we come!

P.S. Thanks Dani for posting the video you liked. I´m going to get up and try it in the a.m. Always like to change off the videos every 4 or 5 days to keep my body guessing as to what is coming next.
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