Saturday, December 19, 2009

exercise in the snow!

Today we woke up to see our mountains dressed in white, a sight not
common for our area. So we had a nice pancake breakfast, did our
chores, and went to see the snow. We walked, played, had a car crash
into our parked car because of a sheet of ice on the road, and in
general enjoyed our adventure. Praise the Lord for insurance. We ate
at McDonalds, and I had a salad and yogurt. This evening I made up
for it at a church gathering. I had one empanadilla (Argentinian) and
some whole wheat toast with fresh tomatoes and fresh mozzarella
cheese, and a few pickles. For dessert, a platter of apples and
bananas with chocolate fondue as an option. All the healthy stuff was
brought by . . . ME.
Tomorrow it is the Christmas meal at church. I'll make sure there is
plenty of salad and other vegetables.
Have a good night, ladies.
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