Saturday, December 12, 2009

Karen's last Crunch...for our 6 week crunch

For lack of time, I have given up the points part of this...but I have continued the exercising and eating better!
I will continue til I meet my goal....even when this crunch has ended.

I have lost about 3.8-4 inches total, gained pounds--about 5 since I have begun...can't figure that part out...I feel like I am working so hard, and I wonder---did I hit some change in my metabolism b/c I hit a magical 35 yrs---but then I know that can't be right.   I will NOT give up---it has to budge sometime!  My new addition will be more fruits and veggies.

So, thanks ladies for letting me be a part---thoroughly enjoyed your posts--the ones I got to read.
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