Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday Crunch in - Dec. 7

"Rainy days and Mondays always"...make me want to bake : ), but I´ll control the urge to do so. Why? Well, yesterday (Sunday) was a free day with no exercise, but my dh husband sabotaged the food by gifting me with a fresh HUGE croissant. I tried to take different foods off my menu to exchange the calories, but not sure it helped. Why are so many of our gifts related to food? Next time I told him to bring me home a BIG juicy grapefruit!!!! and I´d even throw in a hug with the "thank you"!

Today has been a week since I got sick with the virus. No fever since Friday but my left lung is not well, so the virus seems to have decided to pay it a visit. I wasn´t able to sing nor play the flute right yesterday. I did make it through exercises this a.m. with Jillian for 20 min. with more energy, but the intake of air is reduced. I am going to try and do another 20 min. this afternoon, because I know the exercise is also helping to clear the lungs. It is rather dissapointing to have been up to 40 min. and now back to 20 min, but sickness happens and I´m not going to fret...just going to keep crunching. My goal as we end this week is to see 69 on the scale on Wednesday morning and to be able to get back to 40 min. of exercise. Hope your week is a good crunching one too!
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