Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday's crunch in

Well, the weekend is over. Yesterday I had the juice of tow lemons to
begin the day since Friday was not a healthy choice day. Later I had
more orange and carrot juice. We did not do pancakes on Saturday
since our guests were coming at lunch time; we had a great time with
them. My negative points were for a piece of pudding pie and some
french fries. My final result is +5.
Today, Sunday, I had homemade cinnamon rolls (I used some whole wheat
flour and brown sugar ;), but still feel I should take a point off.
But I had fruit with it, so I broke even. For lunch I ordered salad
at the kebap place, but I don't think it counts either, since it had
meat and yogurt sauce. Hmmm, for dinner I had fruit, but I had eaten
another cinnamon roll in the afternoon. Maybe today I did not get any
points. :(
I'll make it up during this week.
I read some of your posts. Well done! This accountability helps
everyone. At least we are aware of what we eat and if we exercise.
Have a nice week!
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