Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wk8 Christmas Crunch FInale

Hello Ladies. Well, here is a picture I took tonight. Lovely, eh? Ha. I look about like I did when I posted the first picture.

I lost 1/2 an inch in my chest. New measurement: 40 1/2". I also lost an inch in my hips. New measurement: 41". I just measured my waist tonight, after eating all evening -- so who knows. It is the same. No change. :o(

Weight starting: 204.4. Weight ending 196.2. = 6.2 pounds gone.

Testimony: Well my friends. I am thankful that Dani Joy started this challenge and invited me to join the fun. I haven't been as committed as I could have been, but THIS was the catalyst to get me moving again. Thank you Dani Joy! I have also purchased a treadmill and have been working out each night. I give God all of the glory, but really am thankful for this accountability. I have also been active using my youtube channel and have linked up with others who are on the weight loss journey. The accountability has been great.

Idea about next challenge? I'm sure I didn't keep track of enough of my points as it was on here. The points definitely were encouraging, but if I didn't post every day, I would forget some activities, etc...

I think you did a great job Dani! I don't have any ideas to share my friend.

Now ... about the exercising hours. I couldn't begin to tell you. I didn't keep this stuff separate. Sorry! If anything, I didn't count enough.

Here is a video I posted tonight on my youtube channel.

If you're wondering what I meant by "fasting" -- check out this free e-Book written by Dr. Bert Herring.

God bless you all and Merry Christmas!

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