Wednesday, December 23, 2009

WK8 Christmas Crunch Finale,

1. I apologize that the picture I´m sending is not a full view. Right arm is inmobilized and I have to wait till dh can help me find something I can fit over the bandage, and then take some time to have him wash and dry my hair. Trust me, you won´t want to see a picture of me until after the bandage comes off : ) The picture I´m sending is one we took this month for Christmas.

2. Measurements:

Beginning / the end result : )

Chest: 107 / 104 - 3 cms.
Waist: 87 / 87 - no change
Hips: 111 / 108 - 3 cms.
L. arm 30 / 29 - 1 cms.
R. arm 30 / 30 - no change
L. leg 64 / 61 - 3 cms.
R. leg 60 / 58 - 2 cms.

Total cms. lost: 12 cms.

3. Weight: 71.5 kgs. 69.6 kgs.
Total weight loss: almost 2 kgs.
(When I began exercise on my own in Sept. I weighted 73.8 kgs.)

4. Testimony:This is the 1st time I´ve ever done something like this (on the internet and with a group of ladies), and it has been a blessing. I´ve made some changes in my daily routines (exercise has now been added as a habit) in several areas of my life. From the tips and web sites that you´ve shared, I´ve gained knowledge and encouragement to keep growing (no, not in size : )) in other areas of my life.
So a big, big thank you to you, Dani, for the Crunch in general (and all the work it has meant for you), and to each of you for the encouragment and for your hard work and effort to work together to see change in our eating, exercise and thinking about our health become a reality.
As we´ve practiced these different things during the Crunch, may the Lord help us to make them important in our lives from now on. I´ve enjoyed meeting new people in different parts of the world and knowing that at different ages, and in different places, we all share the same struggles and needs in regard to our food and exercise.
A big crunchin hug to each of you,

5. Something I liked: the accountability. Having to record (publicly) our measurements each week, not only gave me motivation to exercise and watch what I ate, but also kept me accountable. This monitoring helped me see REAL progress and also served to encourage me toward my goal.

6. Minutes exercised: (wow...this is something I´ve never accomplished for this long nor in this amount!) Although my weight goal was not reached, I´m going to keep working towards that. I feel like a winner (and I´m 50 years old) because I´ve lost centimeters and kilos. What a nice gift I´ve given myself and my family this Christmas.
1160 min.
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