Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ashley's First Week Springy Journal

The first 3 days actually weren't that hard. I was actually really excited about the challenge. Since I had been working out with my mom during the Christmas Crunch Challenge, I had already started to get conditioned for this one.

On the first day I played and ran outside for 65 minutes. I worked on the strider machine for 55 minutes, losing 356 calories. Then I did an exercise video for 45 minutes.

The second day I played outside for 70 minutes and did a total of 30 minutes on the strider, losing 145 calories.

The third day I did a weight exercise video for 50 minutes and played outside for 70 minutes.

On Saturday, I went ice skating with friends for 1 hour. I used the strider machine for 35 minutes, losing 212 calories.

Sunday, I didn't do alot. I used the strider for 40 minutes, losing 280 calories.

Monday, I did the weight training exercise DVD for 50 minutes and 10 minutes on the strider, losing 61 calories.

Tuesday, I did Creative Aerobics DVD for 45 minutes.

Wednesday, I did the Full Circuit, weight training video for 50 minutes.

I would have to say that I did OK for my first week, and I'm still pretty pumped about it.

Here are my measurements after the first week.

The first week's measurements are listed on top. This week's are below.

Bust Chest Waist Hips R Thigh L Thigh R Arm L Arm Loss
33.00 30.00 28.50 36.00 21.50 21.50 11.00 11.50
33.25 30.00 29.00 35.25 20.50 20.50 10.25 10.50 3.75

Weight stayed the same 50.5 kg.

I've been trying to cut down on breads, candy, and sweet stuff.

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