Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dani Joy´s Springy Journal #2 - A little set back. Renewed motivation!

I had a little set back yesterday, by the name of company. No, it´s not their fault. Before, I would have been able to say "no" , but one lick had me in.


Not only did I lick the spatula, I had one. Also, I think what has got me a pound up today, is water retention from some olives I ate. Yes, olives cause you to retain water because of their sodium content.
 Double Uuuuhhhggg!!
Needless to say, that was my unplanned free day. No more for me this week!

My plan? Get to my plan! I am more motivated by you all, and Sarah´s video! I want to count my calories better, and add more high intensity workouts. My schedule is really full, but I am going to try.

Yesterday, I jogged to my English class by the long way, getting a good 15 minute jog in. Also, earlier I had jogged to the store getting at least 10 minutes in there. But it just wasn´t enough. I need more to keep my metabolism burning the fat.

Today, I plan to do Jillian´s Metabolsim Boost dvd, with some more core and lower body strength training from her other dvd No more Trouble Zones. Maybe, even a jog later in the evening. (Man, wish we could jog together! When do you do your best jogging?)

So my BMR is around 1300 calories. I need to eat that many, then burn about 500 calories to lose weight. Is that right, Sarah? How do you count calories in homemade meals? This has been my problem.

Well, I pray to get a Calorie calculator Watch thingy this weekend with my teaching money. Any suggestions? Can´t wait. I have been wanting one since Sarah got one for her birthday last year.

Keep on motivating each other. You all are doing great! I am so encouraged and motivated. I totally woke up down about yesterday, but now that´s all turned around after praying and reading your comments! AWESOME!!!

Big Springy Hugs,

Dani Joy


Joy said...

Hi Dani,
Remember to throw away that rear view mirror...even if you are looking only as far back as yesterday´s brownie/olives day! : ) Don´t beat yourself up about are back to good choices today. Sure hope you enjoyed that lick and one brownie, though, because if you are going to have something chocalate, delicious and calorie laden...enjoy!
Have a good day,

Siberia said...

Dani Joy, Don't beat yourself up about it. I'm finding it hard to stay motivated on eating on the straight and narrow. That is what I need to do if I want myself to be straight and narrow too. :-) Look at how very far you've come since this day last year, and be encouraged. You are doing great!


Sarah said...

Dani ~

If you only new how many times I've licked not only the spatula, but the bowl too. Any kind of "batter" or cookie dough is my worst enemy. I honestly eat it at least once a week.... pathetic I know!

When it comes to home-made meals you have to look at each ingredient that you put into it and then try your best to calculate it into a "portion". It's tough at times, but try your best to estimate. For example: Last night I made homemade pizza. I haven't been calorie counting, but this is what I would have done if I was: Look at the packaging of the whole wheat crust and figure out how many calories are in 1 slice. Calculate each topping individually, calculate 1 tablespoon of pizza sauce, calculate less than 1/4 of cup of low fat chees. Once I calculate them all individually I add them all together. This is the best estimate I can get when cooking home made stuff. Hope it helps.

And girl, you're doing just fine, don't beat yourself up. Like I said, you would be surprised the "treats" I give myself each day.


Dani Joy said...

Thanks ladies!

I definitely have to keep moving forward and not look back, Joy! Great advice about the rear view mirror!

Sarah, thanks for the tip. I will try that. maybe it will help. I think I just need to increase my cardio somehow.

YOu all are wonderful! thanks!
Dani Joy

Ketty said...

You are doing great Dani, so look ahead of you now. If you lick the bowl for the next 30 days maybe I´ll have something to say, but one day....:-) no biggy.