Thursday, January 28, 2010

Springy Journal 2

Here is my report of what I have done this past week. It seems like I had an unusual week. Schedules were off, and I just don't feel very motivated. I still exercised, but not to the degree that I had been doing last challenge.

So, here's my report:

Wednesday 1/20/10 1 hour of walking with shopping. I really planned to do more exercise, but I wasn't able to do it later in the evening.

Thurs 1/21/10 Our neighbor came over, and ended up staying almost all day. I just can't exercise in the living room, if a guest is in the office in the next room. I ended up doing 40 minutes on the elliptical in the evening. I did it on level 8. I used to think I would just die at anything harder than a 4 or 5 on it, but now it isn't even that difficult.

Fri 1/22/10 50 minutes Full Circuit DVD

Sat 1/23/10 We decided to go ice skating as a family. It was a colder day than we were expecting, and since it was Saturday, the ice was pretty packed. It was only 2 F, and a windy, overcast day. We ended up doing 1 hour of skating, and then returning home before we all froze. It took me a while to feel all of my toes. I got a phone call while we were out on the ice, and took off my mitten to hold the phone. My hand was so cold, and hurt so badly, I thought it would never warm up.

Sun 1/24/10 For my "day of rest" I decided to do only 30 minutes on my elliptical.

Mon 1/25/10 I gave it my best with my weights for my 50 minutes Full Circuit DVD. I used to think I would die if I used anything heavier than my 5 lb. weights, but now I am contemplating purchasing 8 lb. weights.

Tues 1/26/10 45 minutes Creative Aerobics DVD. This is Ashley's favorite one to do. It has the Maple Leaf Rag in it, and the exercises to it are so funny. I feel like I am jumping around like a spider. We got Andrew to exercise with us, and as usual, he can get us to laughing so easily. I used to dread this routine, because it really pushes me at the end of the advanced section. Now I can do it all, but not without feeling out of breath by the end.

Wed 1/27/10 This is my usual out in town, errand, grocery day. We went to several places and walked quite a bit. I am counting 1 hr. walking with shopping. In the evening, I was still feeling pretty good, and decided to do my elliptical while I watched TV with dh. Actually, we have 2 TV's but one cable channel box, so both TV's have to watch the same thing. Steve had the remote, so I got to watch a show called Overhaulin' where they took this lady's 1956 Cadillac and totally redid it. I usually don't like car shows, but this one was cute. The lady loved her car when she got it back. I was really pushing myself on the elliptical. I felt like I was almost running on it. I did 40 min. elliptical level 8 and 10.76 km. I was rather proud of myself when I got done.

Now for the measurements....I haven't seen much change since last week. Here are my only changes.

Thighs and R arm down 1/2 " each. Weight: same

I really didn't try hard enough on my eating this week. I hope next week will be better. We went shopping, and now we have fresh fruit, yogurt drinks, fish filets, and other good for you things that hopefully will motivate me to make better choices. Yes, it is all about choices.

Have a great week everyone! I'm excited to read about everyone's progress. Keep it up. We can do it, with the Lord's strength.

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