Tuesday, January 19, 2010

TICKERS and Emergancy

You may notice that all the tickers are not up. My youngest son Michael had an asthma attack yesterday, and today he is in the hospital. I don´t have connection at the hospital that I know of. Going to try though, because I don´t want to miss kick off.

Please keep track of your points on a sheet of paper and transfer them. The last challenge Kathy made a spread sheet for us. of course there were many more points, but maybe she could make another one for us. Pretty please, Kathy?? ;)

Ok, Ladies, I did my Jillian Michael´s Trouble zones dvd today on my break from the hospital, so you all can too! It just takes discipline and determination.

We appreciate your prayers for Michael.

Springing into Shape,
Dani Joy
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