Monday, January 18, 2010

Dani Joy´s weight loss tracker

You can set up your own weight loss ticker for free! It´s so cool to follow your progress.
 But don´t forget to put your points on your Spring into Shape Ticker, also!

Click on it to see it up close.

This is my personal weight loss tracker starting Jan. of  2009.
I reached my goal of 35 lbs lost during the Christmas Crunch Challenge after only 11 months on my fitness journey.

It´s best to lose it slow and deliberate. Don´t get compulsive or drastic. Cutting out refined white sugar and junk food was my first step back in January. Then adding 15-20 minutes of exercise a day.

There are a lot of tools on this website. Check out the workout videos too. When I can´t do a heavy work out, I love Leslie Sansone´s Walk this Way video on this website.

Springin´into Shape,
Dani Joy
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