Sunday, December 27, 2009

Closing out the Christmas Crunch Challenge - Printing Posts

Ladies, Please be printing out or saving the posts that you want. After the first of the year it will be harder to find your posts. I will be cleaning up the blog for the next challenge.

If you know for sure that you will want to be involved in the next challenge please let me know by email and I will keep you on as an author of our blog. If I don´t hear from you now or when I announce the next one I will have to delete you off the blog to make room for others. First come first serve.  

Just to give you a little sneak preview, posting will be worth less points, if we do points. We will probably only count one point per week for posting. Tips only one point as well. If you have any other ideas or don´t think we should do points at all, please let me know.

I am off of sugar again. After a few days of sugar, my body is starting to crave it ,and I pray I can get back to my firm resolution against it. Not to mention feeling yucky! I totally agree with Ketty about the sugar and white flour.

Keep  crunching ladies!
Dani Joy
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