Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tori Leslie's Weighty Testimony

Hey Y'all, I'm so excited to be here with you and I'm looking forward to a great challenge! It's really gonna be a challenge for me too since I don't like to exercise, there I said it! It's true and I usually don't. SHOCK, GASP!!!

Anyhoo, I'm here and ready to give it a go!

A little about me, well I've always been a fluffy girl, even when I was a child. Hey that's me below on Santa's lap, and that's Santa waving at the camera man to cut and get this fat kid off my lap.

Most of my childhood I was over weight or at least felt that way. I was always larger than my friends even though that meant a size 5 it was still a bit embarrassing. To top it all off my Daddy's favorite name for me was Wide Load. Go ahead, laugh, I know it's funny but it wasn't then and he helped me to realize how huge I was and set me on a long road of never been small enough.

I'm 19 in the above photo and I was about 140 lbs. Below I'm also 19 but still hiding in huge clothes to cover my wide load.
Shooting forward to adulthood. We came to Croatia after 18 months of grueling deputation and an added 25 lbs. Then the roller coaster began, up and down and up and down, it was ridiculous and still is.
Here I am at about 230 and feeling awful. Why do they always make us sit in front??? It's a conspiracy I tell you!

Our first furlough was more difficult than deputation since we had been deprived of all the goodness of America for so long, I packed on more weight. The photo below is one of the worst ones I have, and it's a doozy!

After our first furlough we went to visit our co-worker here in Croatia and see his new baby. Cute little thing and the visit was rather sweet until it turned ugly. The lady of the house turned to me and said, "wow, you really gained a lot of weight while in America, you're the biggest I've ever seen you." I was devastated, I nodded my head and decided out of anger that that would never happen again.

I set out to lose weight and I did, losing 70 lbs and looking like the above photo. I got my hair cut and started a new life. I was happy until life threw us a curve ball. After living on credit on the field trying to wait out the sad dollar we realized we had to return to the states and raise more money and so I left skinny Croatia and headed to hunky America. I gained back all that I had lost and the cycle began again.

So here I am TODAY, a new day and a new change to make things happen. I've already lost 20 lbs. but I have a ton to go.

This is me now, I'm starting this challenge at 217 and ready to make some lbs move!

Weight: 217

Bust: 47"

Chest under arm: 43"

Waist: 38 1/2"

Hips: 47 1/2"

R. Thigh: 35 1/2"

L. Thigh: 36 1/2"

R. Arm: 16"

L. Arm: 15 3/4"

Skirt: 46 or a 16

Top: 48/50 XL

I'm tracking calories on Spark People and drinking lots of water. I'm gonna really try to get some exercise in over the next 10 weeks.

Looking forward to getting to know you all, don't know how well I'll do on points but I'll enjoy the fellowship and encouragement!

Thanks Dani Joy for everything!

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