Thursday, January 21, 2010

Testimony-- Alice SSFC

Hi, My name is Alice. You'll find my introduction from the Christmas Crunch Challenge here.
During the 8 week challenge I lost over 10 pounds and 17 cm. I put some of that weight back on during the last month so it is obvious that I need the accountability right now to make sure I do the exercising I need to in order to keep my weight where it should be. I have not yet taken measurements yet (lost the measuring tape) but my starting weight as of Wednesday, Jan 20th was 146lbs. That is up 3.5lbs from where I was at the end of the last challenge. I think some of it was water weight since I was not quite that high this morning when I weighed.

I just had my middle son take the above picture so I could have a new "before" picture. What a joy to have my younger son pipe up "Hey, Mom, you're not fat anymore!" Hmm. I'm not sure how to take that. :-) Technically, my BMI is now out of the overweight category and into "normal" but it is right on the edge. I would like to lose 5-8 lbs (my goal weight is 135 lbs) which would put me more in the center of the normal range. If I do this I believe I will probably go down a size in pants and skirts which would be a nice "problem" to have. My sister is also trying to lose approximately the same in the same time period. She is coming over to visit us in Spain for the week before Easter and we would soooo love to be healthier and more fit when we see each other.

We were given a wii system and the Wii Fit plus with the balance board. My husband has been very good about doing the exercises on it daily and weighing in every day. I still need to figure out the best time to fit exercise into my day. I do like the yoga stretching exercises and the strength exercises that the wii has. It motivates me to do things I would never do otherwise. And there are several aerobic things that I am enjoying when I need a change of pace -- like hula hoops and marching band, step aerobics and rhythm boxing. There is even an obstacle course that always has me sweating by the end.
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