Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kick Off - part 2

For some reason, I didn´t get all the e.mails with the explanations about how to start back in, so I´m now writing the rest of what should have gone into yesterday´s post.

My fitness plan: I downloaded some free 20 min. video´s (the kind that make you sweat - but not exactly Jillian) My goal is to do them the rest of this week, and on Monday begin with Jillian.
On the days where my body is low on strength or feeling puny, I will do the 30 min. Leslie Sansone Walk (free on you tube).

I have tried to find pictures of me in my tube-dress, but they have dissapeared (this is a good thing?) I did find one of my first day in Bible College (age 17) after I´d lost a lot of weight and am sending one along taken this past year when I turned 50, taken in March before I decided to do begin exercising.

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