Thursday, January 21, 2010


I include a picture of our family, one of my husband and me and one with my kids at work.
My name is Maribel and I live in Petrer, Spain where the Lord has placed my dear family to serve Him as missionaries. I am married to a wonderful man, David Bell, and we are in the process of planting a new church in the area. I am a teacher, and this year I have been given the incredible challenge of teaching a class of 25 3-year-old children with a great emphasis in English. I have taken it as an assignment from the Lord. This, by the way, should make my Christmas Crunch Challenge easier, due to the amount of energy spent during the day. I am married to a great man and have three children ages 11, 9, and 7; I enjoy them greatly. I eat at school everyday, so I will probably choose a light supper strategy, since breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. In the previous crunch I stated that my goal was to exercise more regularly. I am happy to say that I got into a routine exercise that has shaped my body the way I did not think it would. I lost some pounds and began to see my body take shape. I have not arrived, so I am glad to participate in this crunch. My goal is to be 55 kilos (I am 57.8) and to maintain it. I want to say 120 lbs. (54.5), but I'm afraid I could not make it. See what can happen with a little bit of effort. Thank you ahead of time for the encouragement. Have a great crunch!!

My measurements

Height: 161 cm 5 ft 3 in

Weight: @ 57.8 (@127 lbs)

Bust: 96 cm
37.8 in

Chest: 80 cm
31.5 in

Waist: 70 cm
27.5 in

Hips: 96 cm
37.8 in

Right Thigh: 54.5 cm
21.5 in

Left Thigh: 54 cm
21.2 in

Right Arm: 28 cm
11 in

Left Arm: 27.5 cm
10.8 in

I'm putting down the inches, but I'll be working in centimeters. Every once in a while I may post it in inches, maybe at the end.
My workout plan: Walk everyday and exercise with Jillian Michael's dvd and exercise tv videos, including cardio and strength building exercises. I love seeing some muscles I did not use to see. Minimum daily exercise: 30 minutes.

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