Thursday, January 21, 2010

Testimony, Becky R., SSFC

Hi, my name is Becky. For those of you who don't know us already, I'll give a little background information. My husband, Marvin, and I came to Spain in 1972, as missionaries. Both our kids grew up here, and in spite of everything (dual culture, home school, etc.), turned out marvelously. That may sound like bragging, but it's really all to God's glory. Now that I have retired from teaching our kids, I have started offering Saturday English classes on a limited basis. We are also kept pretty busy with our church activities here in Móstoles, a suburb of Madrid.

Almost all my life I have struggled to keep my weight under control, but since I turned 50 (some time back), there have been more losses than wins in the battle. After seeing the change in Dani last summer and talking with Ketty at Christmas, I decided to sign up to see what I could accomplish "with a little help from my friends." My aspirations are not to have a body like Tina Turner (just a little older than I am), but to have a body that can still get around well without huffing and puffing at every turn. I would like to take off about 40 pounds… eventually, but I will shoot for 15 in these next 10 weeks.

I'm including a picture of me taken in January last year, which tells you why I need to be here with some positive influence!
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