Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fitness tip - Don´t take the weekend off

After reading this tip yesterday, I understood that this is exactly what I´ve been doing...slacking up on the weekend. So working on changing the mind set, because the numbers really do make sense. Have a great day in God´s house today.

Don´t Sabotage Your Weekend.
The weekend represents almost 1/3 of our week (29%), so if you work hard during the week to nail your workouts and watch your nutrition and then slack off all weekend, you end up not getting very far. It is like taking 3 steps forward during the week and then taking 2 or 3 steps back each weekend and the result is no or minimum results.

Don’t give yourself the “It’s the weekend” excuse to blow off your workouts and to eat badly. You are better than that and you are doing too much quality work during the week to let this happen anymore.

Today is a new day and this weekend should be the first weekend that does not set you back. No Excuses! (From: "No Excuses" e-mail)
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