Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How to Boost Your Metabolism with Herbs

I've been doing a little study on this subject, as many of you know that I haven't been able to lose in the last couple of months. I have been stuck at this weight for almost 4 years, with 2 pregnancies in the 4 years. My body just can't seem to go below! I will really try hard for a couple of weeks, and see little to NO results.... then I just get discouraged. I don't want to take diet pills, but don't mind natural remedies. We use them for colds... why not weight loss.

Check this out:

How to Boost Metabolism With Herbs

By Katherine Huether
eHow Contributing Writer
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Boost Metabolism With Herbs
Boost Metabolism With Herbs

Are you looking for a way to boost metabolism? If you're metabolism is sluggish, it could really affect your ability to lose weight. There are many reasons why your metabolism can slow down. These include aging, stress, poor diet, lack of exercise and genetics.

The good news is that there is hope. You can boost metabolism naturally. You can help your metabolism by consuming herbs that help speed it up. These are gentler on the body than weight-loss supplements which typically overload your body with caffeine. The problem with those supplements is that the caffeine can harm your metabolism even more. Try these tips instead!

Things You'll Need:

  • Green tea (loose tea or bags)
  • Kelp
  • Mate
  • Ginger
  • Cinnamon
  • Cayenne pepper


  1. Step1

    Green tea works because it is a thermogenic agent which means that helps you burn more calories above and beyond what you'd normally burn. If you are sensitive to caffeine you can use caffeine-free tea and it will still be just as effective.

  2. Step2

    Kelp helps boost metabolism because it contains iodine which is essential for the thyroid. This works especially well if you have a thyroid that is not functioning properly. You can either purchase kelp granules or use kelp (either the flakes or the whole plant) in the food you eat.

  3. Step3

    Mate is another herb that people use for energy and since it has only a small amount of caffeine, it is good for people who are sensitive to caffeine. Most supermarkets sell mate tea, or you can visit your local health foodstore. You can find the tea online as well.

  4. Step4

    Ginger, cinnamon and cayenne pepper are all herbs that have a thermogenic effect just like green tea. However, they should only be used in small amounts. Try to cook every day with at least one of these herbs. For example, you can sprinkle a small amount of cayenne in a stir fry, make a marinade with ginger or sprinkle some cinnamon in some oatmeal.

    Of course I've been trying the given remedies, like eating small meals 6x's a day, drinking lots of water, exercising, getting 8 hrs sleep....

    Tell me what you ladies think of this? And, if you have any other advice... I'd be glad to give it a try!

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