Monday, February 1, 2010

Jillian 40 min workout

Since I started this crunch, today was the first day I did the whole 40 min from Jillian trouble zones DVD. I think my eyelashes already hurt :-) and I won´t be able to move very well tomorrow.
But....... did it feel good after I was done??? yes it did.

I don´t remember who wrote this before, but I think it was Sarah who said she liked it when she felt the pain the next day after a workout, that meant it was done right. Sorry if it wasn´t you, I just can´t remember who said it.

Not only that, I also walked for 40 min today, so i think I got my exercise fot the day and I will have a great beauty sleep tonight.

And, I´m still hanging on the 13 days diet. I can´t wait to be done, only 5 more days. Let´s see if I can hang in there because Saturday is my dh´s birthday and we are planning to go out. We´ll see, it will be my last day.

Love you all
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