Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Week 3

Saturday - 1/30

Breakfast just right.
I ate too much lunch today, all-you-can eat lunch buffet with my parents and middle son after the AWANA Bible quizzing. It was his choice and then mine.
Dinner just right.
60 min yogalates

Sunday - 1/31

Missed breakfast - oops!
Just right lunch, snack and dinner.
No exercise - day of rest

Monday - 2/1

Breakfast and lunch just right.
Took the kids for a walk to the park down the way to throw some baseballs. Will rode his bike and I walk/jogged with him for 20 min. The jog part is the part that surprises me! =)
Okay dinner
Now for 60 min yogalates - we'll see how it goes. Success!

Tuesday - 2/2

Breakfast and lunch okay. Kind of a big snack but small dinner, so I guess it all equals out. =)
Very tired and sore today so I only did 40 min of yogalates.

Wednesday - 2/3

Ate okay today.
Too tired to exercise and going to bed.
Oh! measurements:
Weight -1.4
Bust -.5
Chest same
Waist same
Hips -.5
R Arm same
L Arm -.5
R Thigh same
L Thigh -.25
Total -7.75!

Have a great week 4! Springing into shape with you!

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