Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Disclaimer on music web site

Dear ladies,
I recommended a site yesterday for exercise music. Not having the time to listen to all the music, I´m just writing to say that I downloaded a few of the clips and listened to my first this a.m. About half way through it a man started talking (rapping, heavy breathing). I couldn´t understand what he was saying, but I ended up changing it to the next one.
So am writing to just say that you´ll have to listen and choose what, if any of their music you can use. Some of the stuff is not something I´m comfortable listening to, and yet I´m not comfortable with doing exercise to "Onward Christian Soldiers" either. Still trying to find something with a beat that will keep me motivated without crossing the line. I used to use "Hooked on classics" years ago with my girls (when they were young) and we´d exercise and enjoy the classics too.
Springing to a different tune this a.m. : )
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