Tuesday, February 2, 2010

End wk 2 ; START WEEK 3

I am so excited that we will be starting another week, Wed., Feb. 3! WEEK 3, Ladies!

How are you all doing? Are you finding it easier or harder? If you stick with it, and don´t stop, you should start finding it easier to eat right and exercise. It´s all about discipline.

We will stop the bonus cardio and strength training points this week. I may bring them back in a later week when we need a boost. I will probably double up the exercise points all together.


EXTRA EXTRA, Read all about it!

4 Points for your Springy Journal post this week if you post your new measurements! You can post them at any point this week. I normally measure ever other week so... Wednesday has been a good day to do that.

You may post how much you have lost in each area if you are not posting exact measurments on the blog. Please, don´t feel we are examining these measurements. It´s for your own records. =)

I will give you unlimited number of tips this week as well! One point per tip! Have fun with this one ,but please keep them in our catagories (labels).

Don´t forget to workout! Look at Sarah F´s ticker, ladies! She doesn´t have anything to lose and she is winning! Common we can catch her! Let´s get springing!

Cheering and praying for ya,
Dani Joy
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