Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Three Weeks Down Video Special!

It´s so funny, I thought to do another video at the exact same time I had done one during the last challenge. I didn´t even realize till I went back to watch it.

Guess, I was feeling the same way. Wanting to keep going strong, and even pick up the pace some. Wanting to encourage and keep us all motivated.

So here it is. I actually busted up laughing at my side kicks! Looks as if my leg is detatched at times, just out there dangling. I jiggle way more than I thought I did. Also, what kind of punches are those anyway??? hahaha But they work!

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Here is the Three Week Down Video Special from the Christmas Crunch ´09 challenge.  Click here!

Keep at it this week and be ready for an extra bonus post option at the end of week 4, Tuesday Febuary 16. Extra points for the post, inches, and pounds!
Details to come.

Springin´ into Shape with ya,
Dani Joy
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