Thursday, February 11, 2010

Two in ONE!

First: Thursday has become my mix-it-up day. I get to the end of the work week and think, "Uhg! I can´t do this!"

So, I mix-it-up. Normally with Exercise TV.

Here is what I did today. I must say about mid way through, I got dizzy. She did too many full 360 jump twists! But the last 10 minutes was interval training which was an awesome workout!

Exercise TV | Workout Videos | Free Full Length Workout Videos

Second: 30 day Food Diary by Jillian Michaels
I needed to analize what I was eating and why I am not losing. So, I went back to the book. Making the Cut has a food diary page that you can keep track of what you are eating. The reason? Not to count calories really, but to know the percentage of Carbs, Protiens, and fats you are eating.

Most women are balanced oxidizers. Which means our metabolism burns foods more balanced. Makes sense. but I just figured out how calculate my food into percentages. A balanced oxidizer should eat 40% Carbs, 30% Proteins, and 30% fats.

Today I ate roughly 6 servings of Carbs, 4 servings of Proteins and, 4 servings of Fats. (Of course some servings contained both. Like cheese and almonds and some meals I have to guess what a serving would be. Like for Chili I put a serving of protein, carbs and fats.)

Ok so you take the total # of servings and make a fraction. (thanks to my boys 5th grade math, I can do this now. hahaha

Carbs = 6/14 which figured out to 43%
Proteins and Fats = 4/14 which figured out to be 28%

What do you think? Does this make sense? It was a breakthrough for me. I will have to see if it works. Technically, according to Jillian, if I can keep to this percentage, I will lose weight.

How did I know I was a Balanced Oxidizer? well, the test is in the book. ;) If anyone is interested maybe I could scan it.

Springing with ya´lls,
Dani Joy

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