Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Week 3

Almost forgot it was Wednesday! I will not post measurements, since it is really late. Now, two days in a row without intense exercise routine (bad, bad). I will try to get into it tomorrow. I do not want to loose the habit. I have gone out walking, but did not sweat. Sweating lets me know I worked out! I have eaten vegetables, fruit, little meat and too many carbs! I have a hard time staying away from those. I am Spanish, after all. Bread is a staple. And brown or any other color, it ends up being calories eaten. I'll have to do one of those weeks without bread. I did one last crunch. But not this coming one. I am committing myself, though, to being careful with my peak hours. I'll have to write a tip about that.

Gloria is in the same condition in the hospital. Antonio is showing spiritual maturity and we are all trusting the Lord. See what He has in store for us.

God bless you this week.

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