Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Exercise Heaven! SJ-4

What??? Exercise in Heaven??


Exercise Heaven???

What! That´s not right. That´s an oxi-moron.

For sure!

Well, it´s what it felt like last night when my very fit football playing hubby got out his weights and did a 50 minute DVD workout No More Trouble Zones with me!

It was the best exercise could have ever felt. We had so much fun. He was amazed at what I could do, and I was obviously impressed with him doing all the reps with double the weight I was.

Now, talk about quality time together!

Today, I am a bit sore, I admit, but it is the sign of a good workout.

I ran today as it is normally my light day, but I am ready to see some more change in my body. I want to increase my workouts even more. It seems I need to do something to get off this plateau which is higher than my end weight at the end of the last challenge.

I ran 40 minutes today! Plus and extr 20 minute walk (fast) from the store, home then back to the store, and back home again. I forgot my wallet, but you know I didn´t even mind. I got a point for it!!! wooo hoooo!!! LOL

I am cutting back on my carbs at night this week, cutting  back on my snacking (even if good for me), and increasing even more my exercise. Gotta get sweating more.

Hope we all can take advantage of Double Springy Point Week!!

Dani Joy
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