Thursday, March 25, 2010

Daily Journal

Ok, I have to run and no time now to post all my measurements. Just wanted to say I lost 0.5 inches on my chest and 0.5 inches on my bust. The rest stayed pretty much the same, except my weight is up. half a kilo, I due due to "mu monthly visit".

I hope I can pt in one mor post before I leave on "vacation" tomorrow. We are having Easter breal starting tomorrow. The first 3 days I´m going to visit my 2 sisters.

But from Monday 29 until Wed. 31st, I have organized the first "Homeschooling Christian Retreat" in Spain. I would appreciate your prayers for that. When I started with the idea talking to Dani I thought maybe 3 or 5 families would be interested. Now I have around 15 families coming to it, for a total of about 65 people. I would be speaking about a few important issues in Spain about homeschooling like the legal part, and a couple of other subjects. I have been praying is a blessing for eveybody.

And this is all for now. As you can see, if I stay down doing nothing, is because I must be sick :-)

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