Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Workout Explanation!

Before I explain some things about myself, I will tell you about my week.

Even though I was out of town the majority of the time, I still worked out every day that I was there. The eating could have been better, but I didn’t over do it. I came home with 1 extra pound, and I know that it could have been worse!

My measurements have not changed at all, and the scale goes between 123 lbs and 125 lbs. My body is beginning to take things pretty harshly and I’m glad I only have one week of p90x left so that I can focus on my running.

So now to the explaining:

I have been getting criticism for the amount of exercise that I am doing. So, I want to explain why I’m doing exactly what I’m doing. On a normal day I work out anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour. But when I train for something – about 3 months before hand I drill my body pretty hard, then a few weeks before the race I slow it back down and only focus on running. That is what I have been doing throughout this challenge. My first time through p90x I ran on the less intense days – for example, on the yoga day I ran instead – but I rarely did doubles like I have been doing unless I just felt like I didn’t push myself hard enough.

I only push myself this hard for a short period of time. My body doesn’t handle it very well – kind of like it is now… aching knees and hips, requiring me to sit in the hot bath! And as you can tell my body starts holding onto things (like fat). As many calories that I burn you would think I would lose a drastic amount of weight… and since doing this my weight has only fluctuated a couple pounds! I do increase the calories that I eat because of the deficit that I create and it fuels my body or else I would feel completely sluggish – and there is nothing worse than feeling completely drained! (As you can tell by this picture!)

And then being woken up by my 2 little monkeys!

I wanted you all to know this so that you wouldn’t think you had to “keep-up” or do what I do. I am by NO means promoting that someone workout 2 hours a day – it goes to show that too much of a good thing can be bad!

Everyone’s body is different and can tolerate different things – so it’s not necessary to compare to someone else!

Being that this is the last week. Each day I will post a review on the different workout from p90x so you can all see what each one of them is about!

Hope you all are having great weeks.
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